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Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2004

Was Madonna fasziniert könnte man sich auch auf Deutsch anschauen. Schön wäre es natürlich, wenn es auch seriöse Quellen zur Kabbalah gäbe, denn der ganze Rote-Band-Unsinn hat mit Judentum und Kabbalah absolut gar nichts zu tun. Hier ein Beispiel für Kabbalah und Kontext:

und hier ein Beispiel für seriöse Einnlicke in die Kabbalah:

Rabbiner Ahron Lopiansky schreibt:

The good news is that there is a clear and early source that mentions tying a
red string to ward off an "evil eye" and that is in the Tosefta, an early
Talmudic work (Shabbat, ch. 7-8). The bad news is that it clearly states that
tying a red string around oneself is severely prohibited. It is characterized as
"Darchei Emori," a worthless, superstitious practice, close to idol-worship.

und kommt dann zu dem Schluß:

Is there a remedy for the "evil eye"? There is actually a time-tested remedy,
and much cheaper than the quick fixes being pushed by dubious institutions.
Devout Jews have always lived as modestly as possible; refraining from boasting
and usually understating their accomplishments. Idle boasting and great fanfare
are shunned. And it works like a charm.
The Talmud states that "only hidden
events generate blessings." For example, the two different presentations of the
Ten Commandments are cited as a lesson. The Talmud points out that since the
first time Moses brought down the tablets was done with great fanfare, they had
to be destroyed when the Jews worshipped the Golden Calf. The second set of
tablets was given quietly and modestly, and they lasted eternally.
modest behavior has as its source -- the Bible, to which presumably all
adherents of Kabbalah subscribe to. The prophet Micah says:
"For what does
God, your Lord, demand of you? Only that you love kindness, perform justice, and
walk humbly with God."
Even when performing charity, justice and "walking
with the Lord," it must be done modestly!
My advice to those people sincerely
desiring to ward off the "evil eye" would be to return to a modest,
inconspicuous lifestyle, ban the press from your life, and stop focusing on
But somehow, I don't think that will happen. Pop fashion is a
powerful money-making force, one that Hollywood stars are paid to fuel. And
thus, we have the ultimate irony. The red thread has become a status symbol...
drawing the "evil eye" to its wearers.

Rabbi Lopiansky auf aish.com

Aber das ist vielleicht zu viel verlangt von der Zeit in der wir leben: Ich will spirituelle Erlebnisse und zwar sofort! (mit möglichst geringem Aufwand, möglichst schick und möglichst smart)